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All significant achievements in the world start with a small step. Prima Luxury Real Estate has started its journey in 2007. During these years building trust has been our main purpose and we never stopped hardworking and determination. At the moment our company is a major contender in the real estate market.
Our strategy is to establish a business model, realizing added value to our community and service to our clients coupled with honesty, integrity and trust. We are aspire to be a pioneer real estate brokerage agency with Regional and Global presence.
We have never stopped believing in our vision of “one cannot discover new oceans if you lack the courage to lose sight of the shore.” We, with our creativity and flexibility are monitoring the rapid changes and promising opportunities around us in the fast-growing international market.
Our strategy is to be one of the world’s most valuable, innovative and admired companies. Our goal is to be an unavoidable company that creates enormous value for our clients.

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+971 4 379 9507